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“How does a guy who really likes women end up as a priest?” Yeah, you will definitely learn this and a whole lot more when your check out “Diary of a Mad Monk.”

This blog is geared toward religious context which is quite interesting. Dave, who’s the writer delivers his thoughts pretty well and I found it interesting to read about one man’s experience with being a priest and later realized that it wasn’t for him and went decided to teach religion.

He comes off pretty conservative through his writing and even wrote, “I am an arrogant bastard, as well; and I think that my arrogance is fully evident in my writing.” He talks about issues that come along with become a priest that much of the general public would have a difficult time committing to. One particular post caught my attention about chastity and celibacy:

“The problem with celibacy does not lay in the physical temptations of sex but in the emotions that accompany the desire to have physical intimacy. Therefore, celibacy is not the hardest of the vows to accept and maintain; chastity is.”

If you’re just curious what Dave has to say or would like read a blog with a religious twist then this definitely would be one to check out.Diary of a Mad Monk

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