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My, what a pretty weblog we have here! The regal shades of purple, elegant glass dragon graphic, and mouseover effects can mean only one thing: This is a chick blog. Yes, it is, and it is a chic and enjoyable chick blog, as well.

Kirin, the 24 year old author of Disorganized Thoughts, posts entries that are anything but disorganized. Topics often focus upon daily life events, thus making this a true personal weblog, and entries are often rife with humor and insight. Kirin does not beat around the bush, so to speak, in her entries; she is very straightforward and convivial. Her manner of writing is such that the reader feels as if he or she is listening to a good friend detail the events of a given day. One may easily imagine sharing a conversation with the author over lunch or drinks, and this vivid style of writing is quite fresh and delightful. The author’s composition is solid, as are her grammar and spelling; and, while she does write in the vernacular, she manages to avoid an overuse of slang — a definite plus!

Disorganized Thoughts’ current layout and design is spectacular in its visual impact. Hues of royal purple mingle with touches of black and gilt to present a truly elegant appearance which views best in MSIE 5.5. Viewers who utilize NS will find that the content blocks do not expand to accommodate the content and the site’s search function will not work. Disorganized Thoughts is fully readable when loaded in NS 6.1, but the reader will lose out on the total effect of the site’s design. A bit of tweaking here and there will easily remedy the problems found when viewing this site in NS 6.1 and the author is encouraged to make the necessary adjustments. Also, note that this site must be viewed at full screen, otherwise image links will stack and the site becomes distorted. This flaw may also be remedied with a bit of code enhancement.

External links and archive links, as well as a search function, are contained to a side menu and all links appear to be in working order. Mouseover links at the top of the site lead to the author’s bio page and a “Substance” page which is not to be missed. The internal site links greatly enhance the weblog and should be explored by prospective readers.

Disorganized Thoughts is a thoroughly pleasing personal weblog which may be enjoyed by many, though it’s target audience may prove to be women in their 20’s and 30’s. This site is highly recommended for those readers who favor well-written personal weblogs filled with unique and bold perspective.

Disorganized Thoughts

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