Review 711

My first impression was of a plain site, default in every way. I found no “about” page or link, but I did find some links to friends, other links to other sites, and an archives area neatly on the right side of the text. That was the bad.

The good part was the content. Rebecca writes well about her life; her work at a department store, her dating a man who, after six weeks of dating, tells her that he has a son (that he failed to mention earlier on in their dating), and her car troubles. It’s really a look inside a rather normal life, one that is written in an engaging and familiar way. While not a blog that compels you to anything, it is a diversion from the standard fare. You won’t find immaturity here. You won’t find a woman complaining about her lot in life. What you’ll find is a woman who is doing the best she can, writes coherently and well about it, and is very honest with what’s going on in her life, sharing it on her blog.

While the design could use a major revamp, the content is good. With a little make-over, this site would elevate itself to a higher position in the blogging community. I hate to say it, but design does count for something in this world of sound-bites and buzz words.

I recommend this site to anyone that feels compelled to peer into the life of an average woman, working an average job, with an average life. These are good things. I wish I had an average life.

C’est la Vie!

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