Review 710

Group blogs can be fun if all of the members remember to post regularly, write honestly and creatively, and do so incessantly. Fortunately for us, does all of this in spades.

Each of the writers here are a delight to read, and I was pleased to find Stephanie from delightzNET writes here as well. She’s accompanied by Nicole, Mindy, Renee, and the sole male member of the staff, Ryan. Together, they weave a quilt of entries from different but all well-written perspectives. Group blogs work when everyone works together. They shine when there is true exuberance and energy. has all of these.

My only draw-backs were that while each author has a link to their own blog/site, I would have liked for there to have been an “about” section for each of them, so that we get a little background about each person. Also, I didn’t see an archives link; if it’s there, it’s not very intuitive to find. Otherwise, the design is fresh, and leaves a good impression.

I recommend this group blog to anyone that’s around 16 or older, as the subject matter can move towards more mature audiences from time to time, but is a site that has great content, great writing, and feels fun.

Finally, get the archives link up and some information about the staff, and this site becomes a true gem!1784

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