Review 709

DelightzNET lives up to it’s name; I was just DELIGHTED to be there! The design was fresh and inviting, conveying to me the energetic youth of the site as a first impression, one which did not let me down!

The originality and creativity of the author, Stephanie, comes out like a leaky bag trying to hold too much water. She’s clever, and is a genuine nice person. That you can discern that from her writing is an accomplishment; she delights her readers at every turn. A young woman who is finding her inner strength (and has found quite a bit of it already) and writes well about it is a delightful find, indeed. Her style is engaging and genuine, flowing with an exuberance that is being a young adult. I admire her energy, and wish she could bottle some of it; I’d surely buy some!

Be ready to be delighted; delightzNET is a worthy stop on your daily blog journeys. Good design, easy maneuverability, only lacking the “about” page (but I won’t hold that against this site). This is a site I’d recommend for anyone 18 and older.


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