Review 708

*I want to point out that a some of what I say will be negative and be intended as constructive criticism*

Well after some time off I’ve sorted out what’s going on in my life so I decided to write some reviews until my password expires.

Anyway, this site pretty basic when it comes to layout and page numbers, but is anything-but in the way of “bloggage.” This guy has so much to say and presents it logically. Some webmasters have trouble bringing together their wealth of information that they want to share into an orderly manner. His blogs are interesting and better yet fun to read. It is though, more of a guy site, which a better percentage of weblogs are, but it limits the number of people that will come back. Another thing that I enjoy about his blogs is that he lays it out there and will let you know where he stands on topics. He is not a person that has a link to another site and says “that is right on.” Sometimes I agree with his views and sometimes I don’t. There is a level of “Adult material” (porn) on the site but it is linked to a page and there is none currently present on the homepage. Just an FYI, this “Adult Material” is not that of which you really go there to see, its his views on society with a picture attached to it.

The site is deserving of a decent rating. The html could be a lot better and may come along in the future. That’s not why we are here though. The blog is very interesting but about half of the posts are other peoples work that he will be talking about. It’s not bad but it gets a little old hearing about how so and so said something dumb. I know that doesn’t happen in all of them but when it does it gets repetitive. The rest of the site is very good in all respects and I hope hat the Webmaster will continue working as hard as it seems and one day this may be a 5 point site.

Killing The Joy