Review 707

College students fall into one of two categories so far, or so I’ve observed. They’re either smart and interesting to read, or shallow and writing solely about this party, that party, this football game, etc. Paul Cole at “Gaynor’s Passion” has done the amazing; he’s done both. He’s made reading about concerts and parties and football games interesting, which for a person that was born without the “sports gene” (me) is quite a feat, indeed.

His “about” page, an integral part of any blog, is difficult to find, but it is there (you just have to look a bit). His archives section started in August, when he first started college. I found myself reading through his past entries, enjoying his take on being “in high school, except without the parents.” The design is very basic, but there is no need for anything wild and exciting to bring you back for more. The writing is solid, the intellect intact, and observations sincere. Clear and concise writing style makes for easy digestion. I’d recommend this to anyone desiring a look into a freshman’s life at college, or just interested in a young man’s burgeoning life.

Gaynor’s Passion

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