Review 706

Kim is a gem; the site is a delight to behold, from the beautiful graphics to the easy to read design. The navigation is very straight-forward, but the best is yet to come; the content.

Her style is very personal, as her blog is written in letter format. Each entry starts “Dear Friend,” and makes you feel as if you are the friend she is writing to. Her observations are very insightful, and her writing style will make you smile. Her honesty is bold, but at the same time, very cute and loveable. She tackles some tough feelings and emotions, and makes sense of them, making her seem older than she really is. For an eighteen year old, she writes well beyond her years. I’d recommend this site for college-aged readers and above. There are some entries written as poetry, some as short letters, and others as much longer entries, attempting to go deep within her psyche and to the heart of her emotions. For one self described as “unpinkified,” she comes across as a very bold and strong embodiment of a woman, in all her pink glory. Highly recommended.

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