Review 704

Finally, a blog that gave me a really good first impression! Not that first impressions count for much, but it’s human nature for the first impression to set the mood. Much like the first few notes of a song, or the introduction to a great speaker, a first impression can count for much more than we give credit for.

This is yet another blog without an “about” section, but the “EnlowSpeak” makes up for it. This has got to be one of the most original little sections on a site I’ve ever seen! It truly must be seen to be appreciated, but it’s basically a collection of inside jokes, stories, and little phrases that are commonplace within the Enlow home. This really is a witty family!

The archives are full and easy to get to, and the other links are easily navigable. The site in and of itself is otherwise very well done. The writing is concise, clear, and intelligent. The telling of events make for a good read, and the with and candor of the author is welcome.


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