Review 703

Three days of entries on another Partridge Family design. I enjoy colors like the next guy; my own site is multi-colored. But, the Partridge Family is wearing me out.

Once again, I was denied the “about” page. This is so undervalued in the blogging community, as it is turning out to me. Tonight alone, we’re three for three in not finding a single “about” page.

Now, from what I did read, the author writes well, has some interesting experiences she shares with the world, and is a fellow Drew Carey fan. You’ve GOTTA like a Drew Carey fan. Unfortunately, I was unable to get into the archives, as it was either too difficult for this Software Engineer to figure out, or was not quite intuitive enough. This, to me, made me feel like I was missing out. I don’t want to have to keep coming back to a site over a period of time to decide if I want to come back tomorrow, or even later. I want the benefit of archives, and I want to be able to see past entries. This detracted from the experience for me, an experience I would otherwise probably be raving about.

The site holds much promise. The writing is solid, witty, engaging, and just plain fun. The account of the “tongue piercing” is funny as heck; those of us that have gone through this can not only empathize, but also see the humor in her writing about it.

Fair design, good content, but poor navigation makes this site one I would recommend for those that will take the time to invest in finding out if this blog is one for them.

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