Review 701

How could I not like a blog by a fellow Bjork fan?

My first impression of the site was good; there is lots of color, in the text and in the design. It feels contemporary and alive. My only major complaint comes in that I was unable to view the “about” section of Zootgirl, to find out something about her. But, I got past that, and onto the content.

The writing style is easy enough to read, although the quoting was a bit much for my personal taste. The accounts of her weekends were interesting enough, and short enough as to not be boring, yet long enough to paint a complete picture. Her telling of the IKEA furniture arrival and assembly was well written, and amusing. I think many of us can recall the days of our own bouts with “Assembly Required” furniture to be able to relate.

There’s nothing too personal revealed here that I saw, but it’s enough of a glimpse to be interesting, and to keep the masses coming back to find out what’s happening next.

Good design, good content, and a solid base. For adults, although I saw nothing that would make this site off-limits to younger adults.

zootgirl forever

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