Review 700

This weblog was a thoroughly enjoyable read. His entries are easy to read and varied — how he feels about his new girlfriend and ex-girlfriend, movies, current events, finding long lost classmates. He writes with feeling, a great sense of humor and just the right amount of anger in some cases (if there is such as thing as the “right amount”). My only criticism about the entries is that he doesn’t update very often. His last post is dated Oct. 31.

His layout is plain and simple, which is a good fit with his writing style. The site is also very easy to navigate.

Other areas of the site include a section where he posts song lyrics, quotes from books and other tidbits and another that has photos of Thailand and Singapore, which are awesome.

Although there’s nothing overly extraordinary about this weblog, it’s always a pleasure to read something that’s well-written by someone who has something to say.blackcoffee

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