Review 699

Even though this site is being given a group log, there are only a couple of people that post unlike your normal 18 people group logs.

It has been a while since I visited a site with this one feature so I guess it is time that I would come across one. Splash pages server no point unless the site is some high tech type page with major graphics, scripts and what not. Even then, I don’t like them. But oh well.

Click enter and I was immediately enjoyed. The design of the site was very clean and I could figure everything out almost. There is a bar of words stuck together like newscamslinks… each being its own link. This can be confusing for some people, but I have seen this before. Other things about the design were that it is very clean and simple. Nothing too fancy, and it was done well.

Again, being different from the normal group logs, this site didn’t really have that one big long chat feel to it. Instead, it was more of two people posting about their life as if it was only their weblog. Each posted some interesting things about their life, which was nice. I particularly like the fact that Ramon’s dorm floor is going to be setting up web cams around his floor to see what the weather is like and if the pizza dude is there. Brilliant!

Overall the site is very easy to read. The posts are not too long, which makes reading a lot of them take very little time. There are multiple updates through out the week so you will always be entertained.

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