Review 698

I liked this site a lot. When the site loaded up, I saw it said under the title, “I teach high school math. I’ve also been known to eat and sleep.” Hmm … a high school math teacher with a blog … math geek? Now from reading a few entries at first, I thought, “Yeah, this isn’t your stereotypical old guy who’s been teaching math for 50 years and he still hasn’t retired.” Nope, this seems like a cool math geek.

Matt’s layout is simple and green. He lists some other blogs, links to movies, tv and of course links to math. How could he not? I was a bit disappointed I was unable to find a bio of some sort so I could learn a little more about who the writer was. It was driving me nuts when I was sitting here trying to figure out his age … but oh well.

Now … on to the writing … Matt obviously teaches high school math meaning hormone crazy kids who discuss who’s going out with who and so on.

I was reading through his archives and found his a post about some geese that hang out around at the school he works at amusing:

“I stopped and stared at it. That’s all. No sudden moves, just a full stop. The goose appeared to become confused and/or agitated, shooting furtive glances around him. After only a few seconds of my steely gaze, it stood up and began to walk away.”

And only a REAL geek would admit this: I have arrived at the Math, Science, & Technology Conference at [Exeter Academy]. At the risk of revealing my geekiness (yeah, I haven’t done that in all my other posts), I’d say it looks like it’s going to be really cool.

To just put his writing more into perspective, I liked it because it feels like he’s talking to you through his posts like he knows you. Some writers just write like no one else is out there. But I liked reading about the little things that go on in his life and that just bug him or that he finds funny.

Not only will you get a glimpse of what goes through the mind of a high school math teacher, but also you just might learn something in math you never realized.

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