Review 697

I always am curious how someone will make a news/links site unique to their own. Sometimes it is with design, other times it is with comments, and sometimes it is with just the types of links.

This site has all three of those. It also has some personal life thrown in the mix.

The design itself is original, but looks like a modification of other designs. It reminds me a lot of metafilter. But that is ok, because the design really isn’t the issue. One thing I would change is making the default be new windows, instead of checking the box to force that.

The comments that are made to introduce us into the site that is being linked is crucial. If it were just a link without any context, why would I visit it? But good thing is that there are some good lines thrown in about the link.

The types of things he links to vary quite a bit from games to posts about products to random stuff. All of which are things that he is looking at which are things most bloggers would find enjoyable.

The posts about his daily life are short, but I get the impression they are supposed to be that way. The focus of this site, in my opinion, is that of the links that he posts.

Over all a very good site with a lot of links that I think most people will enjoy.


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