Review 696

I am still laughing over the first thing I saw at the site. By the time most of you read this review, it will probably have moved someplace so I have taken the liberty to link it for all of you.

So I am expecting there to be a lot of complaints about this person’s life, things that annoy the webmaster, but instead, I don’t find that. What I found was a very good weblog to read. Not only is it well written, it also flows. Though one post typically has no relation to the others, it manages to do this.

I liked the design of the site. It is very easy on the eyes with the light colors. One thing that was kind of annoying was all of her links were in one big column with out organization. I didn’t realize there was an about section until I looked closer at the links. Just a little organization of the links would be helpful.

The site is very enjoyable to go and read. I only found a couple entries that I didn’t like, but that is how most sites are anyways.


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