Review 694

You never know what you are going to be getting into when a site has a normal title of Jainie’s Journal. Will it just be a journal or will there be a little twist on it?

It turns out to have a small little twist in it. In general the entries are about Jainie’s personal life: her trials and tribulations, but there is also a lot about Buffy The Vampire Slayer in there too. At first I couldn’t help but think, why is there all this Buffy stuff in here, then I checked out the profile: under bio it reads, “Buffy addict, Spike addict.” Enough said. The quality of the writing is good, well thought out and not any errors that I could see.

Design of the site is very basic. It has two columns; one being for all the links, the other for the blog itself. One problem that I did have with the design is the links are all black normal looking text. Unless you mouse over them, they look like part of her normal entries. I was unaware of any links in the blog part until I realized this little problem.

Overall the site was pretty good. If you don’t like Buffy then you probably won’t like this site, but if you do, you will enjoy it. Other than the design issue mentioned, there isn’t anything else wrong with the site so go check it out.


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