Review 693

I should preface this review by saying that I don’t like anime and I don’t understand the fascination with it. This site, written by a Japanese university student, is all about anime.

With that said, I think people who are interested in anime will love this site. Entries in her guestbook (those in English, anyway) say that people think she’s doing a great job with the site. Besides her weblog, which discusses anime shows and music at great length, she’s worked up a database of anime songs and song lyrics as well as anime photos. I found the guestbook the most interesting part of the site. At least it gave me a clue that the “people” she talks about in her entries are anime characters.

I do like the color scheme and the fresh, clean-looking layout, although she could use some kind of header.

There’s very little on this site for people not interested in anime. As I said earlier, people who do like anime will probably be interested in visiting this site. For those who don’t have a interest in anime, it’s not worth the trip.

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