Review 691

What is going on with this site? Hijinks, Shenanigans, and Tom-Foolery… What am I supposed to be looking at?

So I look, and I see a picture of Tara D. with marker on it like those Captain Morgan’s ads saying the Captain was here. I started to laugh. Then to the left I noticed the real picture that says that she is a stand up comedian. So I hope that the posts are funny.

My hopes came true as about 95% of the posts were funny. Some were just links to other funny sites, and some were just funny stories that she has been in, or heard. And lets not forget that she has a wonderful talent for writing things in a funny way.

The design of the site was the only thing that brought me down. Each section of her site (links, picture of the week…) has a different background, yet the site maintains the same link colors through out. This causes some links to almost blend in with the background, which is very hard on the eyes. They are just enough off colored to do a little trippy thing that if you look at it the wrong way, you swear it just glistened or moved or something. Thankfully, the content area had a better choice of colors and thus readable.

If you are looking for a good laugh, check out her site. One thing I wish is that she had a listing of when and where she was performing, as it would be a nice thing to know if you are ever in the Chicago-land area.

Hijinks, Shenanigans, and Tom-Foolery

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