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If beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder — quick! — run and behold Julie Anderson’s self-titled weblog. A “chick blog” though it may be, the quality of writing, as well as the attractive site design, is immensely enjoyable; and, there is much to discover in this definitive personal blog.

Julie Anderson, a writer by both education and trade, pens witty, insightful, and highly personal posts for her site. Topics often include daily life events, personal observations, and deep musings about the most personal aspects of the authors life, all of which are rendered in an inviting style and usually accompanied by a warm and friendly tone. The writing at Julie Anderson’s weblog is uncommonly strong and the author’s lack of capitalization is a style element which rarely proves bothersome to the reader.

The layout of Julie Anderson’s weblog is simple and elegant, and illustrates a well-crafted use of tonal tabling. The site views best in MSIE 5.5 and is only slightly less attractive in NS 6.1. The only flaw in design may be in the author’s choice of font, which is quite small and may irritate some readers. Links are easily identified throughout the weblog and most links are contained to the reader’s right. The site also features a drop-down menu with links to the author’s photography, which is a pleasing side venture for readers. Also, the author’s Stats page is not to be missed, as it contains much information which will enhance the reader’s appreciation of Ms. Anderson’s weblog entries.

Julie Anderson’s weblog is a well-designed, well-written personal weblog that will appeal mainly to female readers, ages 18 and upward; however, the site is so pleasing to explore that it will assuredly attract readers of all ages, both genders, and from all walks of life. This weblog is highly recommended for those who enjoy intensely personal reads.

Julie Andersen

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