Review 673

Dismissing this blog because it’s on an overused blogspot template or because it seems as if it’s primarily links to news stories is a mistake. If you do that, you might miss the “vacation” link that opens up to beautiful pictures of Jak’s vacation in British Columbia.

As for the blog itself, there’s nothing out of the ordinary in most of what he writes about. It’s primarily the writer’s observations on top news stories or stories he finds interesting. He rarely delves very deep, and I think that’s a mistake because his writing about personal issues is much more interesting. His post “Why do men still tip their barbers?” is quite interesting, in fact. But I had to muddle through a lot mediocre posts to get there. It’s not that the other posts are bad, it’s just that they’re not particularly unique.

He also has links to his other blogs on the arts, religion and paleo-anthropology. Again, they are primarily links and his observations on them. I’m not sure if he’s given up on these because two of them haven’t been updated since late September; the other on October 21.

His writing, however, is very easy to read. I think he would be best served by giving us more personal stories, and more photography.

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