Review 667

The writer of 8 Legged DJ is a very honest, down-to-earth, funny guy who has written a fantastic weblog.

When I first got to the site I thought it would be about some dorky, un-intelligent guy going on about being a DJ. But I was totally wrong.

Aaron comes from California and is married to Robert. I found it really interesting to read about a gay couple, as I know here in Australia where we live there aren’t many gay, married couples. Aaron is 28 years old and has included a Bio at his weblog. Basically he lets everything go when he writes in his weblog. His personality comes out really well and that way he explains things helps you to understand what it would be like to be there. He also tells us funny things about his friends and daily life. For example in this post he talks about Elton John writing songs for people at a dollar each-

“And it seems to me, 8 Legged DJ lives his life like a candle in the wind, always knowing who to turn to when the blogs come in and I would have liked to know him but I never did, his candle will burn much longer than this song ever did.”

Aaron’s dream job is to be a Music DJ and that is why he named his site 8 Legged DJ. Aaron is just one of those people who are capable of making anything into a funny story.

The design of this weblog is a basic Blogger template but when I went to the site I got the script error about 9 times before I was able to view the page, which was irritating!

I had decided to give this weblog a 4.5 out of 5 as I found 8 Legged DJ entertaining, fun and honest. I would like to see a better template, as I think sometimes the usual Blogger template puts off people. I will definitely be a regular at 8 Legged DJ from now on!

8 Legged DJ