Review 657

Sweet Jesus, I haven’t read anything as entertaining or funny as i, asshole in a long, long time. I’ve said it before, but I mean it this time. This is exactly what a great weblog should be.

I’ve been digging through mounds of proverbial horseshit the past few months here at The Weblog Review, looking for that one golden nugget, that one shiny piece of metal, the only spark of hope in an otherwise stagnant world. Okay, maybe i’m pushing this a little far. But this is quality, webloggified.

The content is hilarious, achingly so. My attention was immediately caught with his first post about eating coins and security tags. I was hooked in with his story about spoiling his goody two shoes sister’s science project. The way he writes about his year old daughter is great. He states her ability to clean the floors with her “more-efficient-than-my-Oreck knees,” and then continues to tell about the betrayal he feels when delivering her to recieve the routine toddler shots in a later, more somber passage. He writes incredibly eloquently about any topic. More importantly, he brings up good points, and pokes fun at the ironically mundane and annoying facts of life.

The design is fairly basic, but not too boring or overdone. But it doesn’t really matter, because all you should be looking at is the content.

I’d highly recommend i, asshole. Seriously. These things don’t grace one’s presence often.I, Asshole

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