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Coloured Glass is a striking website. Although I’m not into anime myself, I have many friends who are and have quite an appreciation of it. Anther plus is the fact that is an Australian website. Ever since I was a child my dream vacation would be to go there. And stay. The photos and stories I have heard and seen from people who have been there are extraordinary!

This group blog isn’t quite a “blog”. It is more of a chat site between the many members of it and seem to exclude individual thoughts and matters. It gets boring when they talk about “that one class today” or some other subject that outsiders would have no clue what they mean.

When I typed in the web address and hit the enter key, I received more than five script error messages. This is a major turn-off for those that read over six blogs a day. I was tempted to leave the site just after I had seen the script errors. I decided to wait for the images to load. This, I regret. It took over a minute for the images to load, and when they did, it wasn’t quite worth it. If a site takes more than 30 seconds to load, it gets annoying.

Another major “fault” with websites is that they have a space for an image, and it turns out to be an “x” because it either wasn’t coded the right way or the image doesn’t exist on the directory. When you cannot see half the layout, what is the point of the code? The layout is un-original and I have seen it on at least 50 other blogs or sites. Obviously, the creator doesn’t take risks with art or doesn’t know how.

As I surf blogs, I always look for archives so that I can look into past entries and other thoughts of the bloggers. I scanned the site three times, and did not succeed in locating one. While scanning the site for archives, I counted the use of emoticons and words with * these * around them on the front blog only. It totaled to 70! Seventy times of usage! It tends to get annoying and tiring.

To conclude, I must say this again. The site rating was based on everything. The design, bloggers, and the way they blog. The point of this review is for the public to see if they would like to visit this blog, and for the owners to see how they could revise it by others opinion.

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