Review 650

First post I read was a poem that was very good. I wasn’t sure if this weblog was supposed to be of just poems (second post was also a poem) so I quickly headed over to the about me section.

I found out he has a lot in common with me. Computers are fun and what not, declaring a major is not a fun idea, and taking time off from school helped figure out what was going on.

Back to the weblog. Reading, reading, reading. Normal, general bs stuff you would typically get from a college student. After all in his about me he said it is kind of like a dot com keepsake so he can look back at it when he gets old and remember what it was like to be a college student again.

What I liked most about this site was the poetry that was written. There is something very interesting about a college guy posting about drinking with buddies, and then writting a poem. I reall enjoyed it.

The design of the site is very slick and clean. It does justice for the site. Enjoy this site for what it has, as it will be something to remember.Savingface

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