Review 649

Well this is a review of the anti-weblog, so maybe I should call this the anti-review. First thing when I loaded the page I was completely taken aback by the ugliness that this site possess. Now I am not claiming to be a miracle site designer, but I know a good looking site when I see it.

So there are three little iframes in this page and the first one I see is the Anti-About. I read it, and don’t think too much of it, just some kid venting. Then comes the little warning at the very bottom of it explaining the site and what not. He says it looks good on 1024×768, but better on 1280×960. Who in their right mind designs a site for 1280×960? So I set my browser to it, and it didn’t look any better. Back to the little box. Requires IE 5.5+ Netscape 6, Opera 5 plus and if you are on a Mac well to quote him “FUCK YOU”.

So now that I am completely irritated by some kid that doesn’t seem to know what he is doing, I decide to read what he is writing about. Every day life of stuff that isn’t interesting, nor is it funny. The one thing that he does have going for him is that he does have a good writing ability, just isn’t putting it to use.

I don’t know if this site is supposed to just be a parody of the typical weblog or if it is supposed to be serious. I did not like the design nor the attitude that was portrayed and I really don’t suggest visiting unless you want to visit a site that looks bad.


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