Review 648

Thank God, someone finally did something ingenious with a weblog. Darryl8m is one of the better excuses for a weblog i’ve seen in a long while.

What’s different about Darryl8m is that it isn’t a traditional blog. It’s a log of conversations he has with friends, acquaintances, and the like. He also includes links to other sites that have to do with random words in sentences, the most intersting of which links the word “penis” to a site about being a drag king. Pictures about each topic are included above the posts. They aren’t necessarily funny posts, or even grammatically correct (since the bulk of it is from internet conversations), but they’re uncensored (i’m assuming) and interesting. Just another piece of evidence that gay men are, on the whole, more interesting than their straight counterparts.

The design is fairly drab, but not to a fault. It’s hard to go wrong with black on white, but it could use some, uh, pizazz. The way the posts are formatted is hard to read at times, and could definitley be improved upon. But overall, it looks good.

I’d seriously recommend that you check out Darryl8m, it’s a groovy little slice of the internet.darryl8m

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