Review 647

I can’t believe that cherubic angel face writes like a seasoned vet. LOL

Les has so much potential. His layout is nice, he segues from serious into entries that had me rolling in the floor laughing.

While parts of this weblog are 18+, the majority of it is just good fun to read.

The strip club visit was a bit much for me at 7 AM, and I’d have loved to see his afro, and I’m sure the girl he plans to marry (who is oblivious of the fact) will fall madly in love and say “yes”…I know I would!

For a weblog started the middle of this month, Lester has done an excellent job.

As soon as he has more archives, he can drop all the links, as any reader can find enough in his weblog to stay right where they are.

Sitting in style with Polyester Lester.

Polyester Lester

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