Review 645

The initial view with the large Blogger banner at the top covering the site design was a turn off. Pay the $12 and have it removed. The stick figure theme

and the horse .gifs made me expect to be reading a teen category weblog. Since I didn’t find an “about me” type of entry, I went back to May of 2001 and found an entry about washing her car, so I know she’s at least 16.

The weblog seems to have no purpose other than to list entries that Nikki thinks are funny that she has gotten from other places and people or that cause her stress or anger, or pertain to her favorite sports team, or her horse riding or school activities. I found nothing that interested me, but I’m not the intended audience.

The design of the index page is pleasant, but the link pages appear to be from an old site with a different design for her entries titled “Soul Creations” and “My Dream Blog”. I’m not sure if “Soul Creations” are her creations of poetry, or someone else’s. There is no credit line, so I assume they are her writings. Some were very good, some mediocre, and some just teen angst. As for “My Dream Blog”, she doesn’t appear to dream often, as the last entry was over a month ago.

Her entry for “Song of the Moment” didn’t load, or my new Dell is out of whack. The “Mood Indicator” is unnecessary and detracts from the site, as does the animated horse.gif and the sports.gif.

This weblog mainly appeals to teens, but her poetry is worth a look, in my opinion. The site design could use some work to make the pages more cohesive and flow better.Punk Rock Princess

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