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Some people think it’s cute when blogs are designed so things trail behind your pointer or stuff, like snow, is falling across the screen. I am not one of those people. It’s distracting and annoying. And so when I first came across Punk Rock Princess, I mentally prepared myself to be annoyed. In the end, the writing didn’t annoy me but the falling snow definitely did.

Nicole, the writer of this blog, is a student in Canada. She keeps a blog detailing the day to day of her life. She tells jokes that she hears, and little factoids that she runs across. The main part of her blog seems to be part personal journal and part news/factoid links. I find her “Beef of the Month” section much more interesting. While I don’t agree with some of what she says, the entries are longer and more entertaining than what is on her main blog.

The design of Punk Rock Princess is not really a match to the name of the blog or to the writing. Nicole’s About Me page says that she likes Bon Jovi and Loreena McKennitt, neither of which are remotely punk rock. The design features an off center lion and the above mentioned annoying falling snow. I didn’t see the words “Punk Rock Princess” anywhere on the blog at all. I’d like to see a more streamlined approach to navigation. As is, the navigation is cumbersome and clunky. Maybe a drop down box somewhere to get around? And the words “guestmap” break on my browser so “guest” is on the first line of navigation and “map” is on the second line. Some older links in entries are broken.

If you’re interested in what Nicole is reading, has on her desktop, or what her weather is like, you’re in luck – she lists those on the side. As mentioned, she has a guestmap and an About Me type of page. She also links to all pages within in her blog where she has done a quiz or a meme.

If you’re a friend of Nicole’s this would make a great blog to catch up on her life. I might come back to read more of her “Beef of the Month” entries, but I doubt I would read her regular blog. Most of the content is not original – it is links to news or jokes that can found on other blogs.

Punk Rock Princess

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