Review 642

As much as I try to think of something to say about metafocker, the only thing I can come up with is “mediocre”. Nothing about it is really that interesting. And it doesn’t even look that good.

The content is average. This guy talks at length about terrorism, but doesn’t seem to have an informed stance on it at all. Yeah, conceded, nearly everyone is talking about terrorism and Bin Laden and nukes and Anthrax, but this guy doesn’t even have a valid argument or point to establish. I was a tad bit irked by what he had to say about the people who oppose bombing Afghanistan, but I digress.

Anything else he has to say, about mediocre mainstream radio stations or sports groups or any other topic, is marginal as well. It isn’t poorly written, for lack of a better excuse, but it’s superficial. It isn’t thought-provoking. I honestly don’t see the point in most of what he says. Normally, I would believe that better writing skills could help this weblogger, but here I would suggest better thinking skills.

The design is average. The navigation is muddled; I couldn’t tell the site navigation from the links from the web rings. The font is Verdana. Unoriginal, basically.

Normally, I would list the merits of the blog here. But there really aren’t any. Props for the lack of toggle case, use of web-ebonics, and emoticons is about the only positive thing I can come up with.

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