Review 640

Yawn, snooze, yadda yadda, goodnight!

So might go this weblog’s act if it was a stand-up comedian.

This is the Joe Average of bloggers, just an ordinary guy, gotta wife, a bit broke, drinks beer, likes the hotties, and has a low opinion of the evil that is “copyright”.

But in such an overcrowded market as weblogs, being merely average is inexcusable.

“this is pathetic i am so damn bored and have nothing to blog about anymore…not that any of my blogs are really worth reading” [sic etc.]

I find it difficult to get into a weblog when the person is constantly moaning that they’ve got nothing to write. You should be apologising for being uninspired, not whinging to me. I actually have to read this stuff.

Anyway the links are few, it’s mainly just stuff about his day, usually dull although I was amused by his depiction of vomiters as either “amateur” or “pro”. A few pics too that are OK.

Also, too many …’s. no use of capital letters. The design is competent but the colours are unattractive. The most pointless feature is the “screenshot” in the sidebar. (Why, why, why?)

Verdict: don’t bother.astroimage

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