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Jaz Reveals All is very much a teen diary type of weblog. With that said, there are certain things that a prospective reader must expect, including the occasional poor grammar and composition, as well as the author’s tendency to ramble about topics and events only of interest to other teens. What one may not expect to find is broad-range humor and, yet, there is much of it at Jaz Reveals All. A recent entry discussing the author’s ambivalence to scoop dog poop is laugh-out-loud funny, as it takes adult readers back to their youth. Readers will encounter many other posts such as this one and find themselves reminiscing and nodding in agreement with the 16 year old author. Unfortunately, readers will have to sift through the more vague and truly mundane posts in order to find the better crafted entries. However, a weblog which recalls memories for the reader is not entirely without merit.

Jaz Reveals All could do with a bit of technical tweaking. The title graphic is extremely large and slow-loading and the overuse of the color pink can prove hard on the eyes. The overall blog design is simple and could possibly be enhanced by the use of more a compartmentalized layout. As teen weblogs do evolve rapidly, it is possible that Jaz Reveals All will see several modifications before the author settles on a specific layout and/or theme.

The writing at Jaz Reveals All, while entertaining, is not particularly strong. The author is prone to errors in standard composition and typographical errors abound. A bit of proofreading prior to publishing could easily solve most of these problems and is heartily recommended.

Overall, Jaz Reveals All is an entertaining and interesting teen weblog that will be primarily of interest to other teens and those looking to supplment their usual blog reading with a bit of youth.

Jaz Reveals All

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