Review 638

Starjewel is yet another fantastic personal weblog that boasts both oodles of content and great page design. Categorically, Starjewel may be considered a “chick blog” despite its gender-neutral outward appearance. Don’t let that be a determent; there is much to enjoy at Starjewel.

The author, self-described as a “geek chick from Pittsburgh”, has put much thought into Starjewel’s simple yet pleasing layout; this is especially apparent when comparing the blog in MSIE 5.5 and NS 6.1, as the blog views identically in both browsers. The links included at Starjewel are varied and interesting, and Starjewel itself makes a great launching pad for the further exploration of choice personal weblogs.

Layout and links aside, the Star in this jewel of a blog is the author’s writing. Insightful, humorous, well-composed entries seem to be a hallmark of this literate blogger; and, the entries are an absolute pleasure to peruse. The links provided within entries are not haphazard and they lead to content which nicely compliments the author’s own writings. The seamless blend of candid writing, excellent composition, proper grammar, and links lend a high quality air to Starjewel. This is a weblog not to be missed.


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