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Quoth the cobra is a true personal weblog that goes beyond the norm by featuring not only a snappy site layout, but literate, concrete writing, as well. The author, a 16 year old high school senior, showcases her writing talents by sticking to the topics which she knows best: School, friends, current events, and daily activities. Entries range from long narratives to concise quips, but none of the author’s posts are ever dull. The author has a way of pulling the reader into her world and offering an environment which is conducive to lingering. Quoth the cobra is only one aspect of the author’s site and, after reading the weblog, the reader will assuredly wish to explore the rest of this pleasing internet creation. This weblog will mainly appeal to mature teen readers, but it also offers a little something for just about everyone. Quoth the cobra is a weblog to watch.

quoth the cobra

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