Review 636

An incredibly likable weblog, offers visual stimulation in addition to well-crafted personal blog entries. The author is a talented writer and photographer from Canada who infuses his own personality into posts, as well as into the whole of the girlrepair website. From the first page onward, can be both exciting to read and view.

The author’s weblog entries do tend to ramble and he does lean toward the abstract, often embracing metaphors throughout the whole of his posts. However, the author is never obtuse; he is pensive and seems to devote himself to even the smallest of details. This can make for excellent reading or pure torture, wholly dependent upon the readers’ predilections. Those who enjoy reading personal entries with a dreamy, almost ethereal quality about them will assuredly appreciate the offerings at

The photography sections of are not to be missed and will, most likely, be enjoyed by all, including those not fond of the weblog itself. The photos and photo essays greatly enhance the blog and will give potential readers a better understanding of the author and his environment. will not appeal to everyone, but those with an artistic bent and an eye for detail will enjoy and savor this site.

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