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Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Richard Evans Lee’s Edifying Spectacle features crisp composition, witty and sophisticated insight, and more content than the average blog reader can shake a stick at. While this weblog features more than a few entries which deal with homosexuality and related topics, the author does not pander to his audience. In fact, Richard Evans Lee’s entries are so well-written and thoughtfully composed that even the most disinterested reader will willingly read on and may come to view many issues in a whole new light. On a whole, Edifying Spectacle is both a fascinating and enlightening read.

The layout of Edifying Spectacle is functional and has a newsy-feeling. It views well in both MSIE 5.5 and NS 6.1, though AOL’s MSIE browser does not accommodate the page size settings and will present both side and bottom scroll bars. Many readers will note that the layout of Edifying Spectacle takes an obvious backseat to the content — perfectly acceptable given such a great read!

This site is highly recommended to savvy, intelligent readers who enjoy new perspectives and appreciate diversity.

Richard Evans Lee’s Edifying Spectacle

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