Review 632

What’s black and white and good all over?

*New Untitled Page*, otherwise known as NUP.

What is, perhaps, most impressive about this group weblog is that its creators and authors are teens, one of whom is only 13. NUP boasts a slick layout with interchangeable skins and it views exceptionally well in MSIE (NS does not correctly display the blog’s scrolling headlines). The navigation is reader-friendly and all links are valid. Overall format is clean and spare without appearing dull. NUP is an amazingly professional looking site, sure to provoke much envy among other group blogs.

The content an NUP varies from well-constructed and thoughtful rants to news clips to personal entries. With the exception of an occasional overuse of slang and a few typographical errors, the writing is crisp, concise, and entertaining. The writing is usually sophisticated enough to cause one to forget that the authors are, indeed, teenagers. Posts about school and daily life are as well-written and interesting as the more serious, current events related posts. Adult readers may bore of the adolescent issues often discussed, but there truly is something for everyone at NUP (the choice of featured headlines is highly amusing!) From site design to content, NUP is worthwhile study in a group blog that actually works.* New Untitled Page *

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