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New Untitled Page really isn’t all that new. Well this version is somewhat new, but the site has been around off and on since the early part of 2001.

New Untitled Page, or NUP for short, is a group weblog that knows what it wants to do – entertain. The posts are typical daily events or thoughts whatever they feel like posting about. However, I hope that the stories are somewhat fabricated because some of them seem like something you would read in a good book or see in a movie.

The posts in general are very well written. As I said, they are based on events or thoughts through out the day. Some of the more recent posts include Ivan going through an interesting time with his girlfriend (who has another boyfriend) and his little dilemma of staying faithful. Other posts include topics such as Men using Body wash (quite funny and true), poetry and random entertainment news.

The design is very basic: 3 column layout using black, white, gray and red as the colors. As simplistic as the design is, there is a major content management system that is in place as the back end. There are many features of the CMS that they take advantage of.

The first of which is that you can create your own account. I know, what’s up with sites requiring you to have an account? Anyways, once you do create an account you can post comments and post to the forum which is open to all (pending you have an account, but you can read it without one).

The second of which is modifying how the page looks. You can pick between two skins, and then you can hide navigation columns and other parts. This is nice if you don’t want to look at all of your user info when you log in.

I only had a problem with a couple of things. First was the only navigation to older stories was atop the main column which meant reading the entire page’s worth, then scrolling back up to the top. Obviously this isn’t a major thing. The other being that when I created my account I was given a homepage. However when I tried to access it, there were a number of errors on the page which prevented the page from loading at all.

Overall NUP is a good site if you want to be entertained. The authors don’t try to hide anything, they just post it how it is and let the situation be funny. I recommend reading NUP as it is very well done.
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