Review 631

The various authors of FAC no Babble appear to be (teenaged?) friends who share an interest in what seems to be Anime based role-playing games. It is probable that this weblog serves as a private communications forum and, as a result, the content is of no great interest to anyone other than the blog participants. There are a few posts which detail daily life events; however, these entries are no more interesting than the rest of the content. Readers unfamiliar with the participants of FAC no Babble will quickly find themselves lost among references and commentary of no particular relevance to anyone other than the authors.

FAC no Blog does provide a link to the group’s homepage; unfortunately, this reviewer has been unable to successfully retrieve that page. It is possible that the group’s homepage may shed some much-needed light on the participants and the subjects about which they post. Without additional background information it is impossible to understand the concept behind FAC no Babble, let alone gain insight into the individual authors.

FAC no Babble utilizes a modified Blogger template that views better in MSIE than NS. Weekly archive links are incomplete and the brief bios of the participants are vague.

In short, FAC no Babble offers nothing to the casual reader and is a prime example of a private weblog needlessly made public. Move along, folks; there’s nothing to see here.FAC no Babble

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