Review 630

The title says it all. But, it doesn’t say enough. Truth be told, an addition of the word “Lousy” before the title of this blog would serve well as a warning to prospective readers. The language within the entries of this blog does universally qualify as foul; the content of the entries is so deeply mired down with vulgarities that individual posts are difficult to read, harder still to digest. The content itself is typical of a journal: Daily events, gay humor, and bits of disturbing personal insight (Example: The post of 10.17, where the male author remarks that his 16 year old daughter’s boyfriend is “hot”.) Readers must wade through the drivel to discover the better entries, of which there are few.

FoulMouthBitch utilizes a standard Blogger template; not much to look at, but practical. It views equally well in MSIE and NS, though one might not wish to view at least one of the photos which the author has posted. The archive links do work, yet the author has failed to provide links for all archived pages. Also, there is no background information on the author and no external links save one ring located at the bottom of the page. Without more insight into the author, the reader is left to draw conclusions based solely upon the author’s entries. These conclusions will hardly be favorable.

FoulMouthBitch earns its score based on entry content, style of writing, presentation, lack of links, and all-around poor taste. There are better blog to read — Thank goodness! foulmouthbitch

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