Review 626

Between the Links creator Duncan Fitzgerald has compiled a massive amount of timely news links and tightly packed them into a one-stop-shop type of weblog. While the layout of this news blog is utilitarian and fairly unattractive (though it views equally well in MSIE 5.5 and NS 6.1), it is suitable and acceptable for this type of site. One will not necessarily visit Between the Links for its entertainment value and, most assuredly, not for visual stimulation. Instead, this news blog proves valuable for links to nearly every type of news and business site imaginable, from Bloomberg to the latest San Bernadino County, California Sheriff’s bookings. The links are categorized for easy navigation, which is a blessing considering the amount provided; and exploring the author’s choice of links can be pleasantly time consuming. If one is looking for an odd research or news site, it may very well be found at Between the

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