Review 624

I love flash introductions, it makes the site you are viewing more exciting and enjoyable. In The Slippery Path, the intro flash is excelent, it is very well made and I love his graphic. I had a little trouble clicking on “Enter the Slippery Path” text in the flash introduction. It was a little too small, and I couldn’t quite hold my mouse over the text very steadily (maybe it’s just me) so I resorted to clicking on ‘Skip Intro’ when the introduction flash was done playing. I enjoyed reading his posts, they are basicaly short tidbits about his day. Things that took place, things he thought about, and things he saw. All around, very nice blog site.

I started looking around and noticed that the Journal page’s background color was different then the background color of every other page. Another thing I couldn’t help but notice was that the main table is a little ‘misaligned’ and it’s quite noticeable when you switch from page to page the main content table shifts a little to the left on other pages.

The background color on his graphics were also slightly off from the main content table’s background color, it’s not really noticeable, and you’ll live. The site has very nice photography sections in it, with pictures anywhere from flowers to destroyed trucks to a Van Gogh art gallery.

His site provides excelent and rather memorable quotes that everyone should read, they are very insightful into the lives of peoplr from the past, the present and quite possibly … the future. The Slippery Path

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