Review 623

Leeks and Roses? More like “Oak Leaves in the Fall”, until it loaded fully and then I really liked it. The text floating on the fall colored leaves made me want to dash outside, but we don’t have leaves falling where I am for another month or so, so I just rolled around on her site instead.

At times I felt sad at some of postings and wanted to help. I haven’t hung fascia board, but I can try…and I totally agree with your decision on what to do about the novel.

My advice on the birthdays is to not have any more, or…have them, but don’t count them. THAT last one was the pits.

Very easy to navigate site, writing that touched the emotions, and weekly and daily links that take off to some other very nice sites, but coming in off the weblog I almost missed some of the best of this site.Bulletproof & Bleeding

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