Review 622

Mike Leung’s How Not To Fly seemlessly blends current events and political satire into a not-to-be-missed weblog suitable for culturally savvy readers.

How Not To Fly’s simple layout, which views equally well in MSIE 5.5 and NS 6.1, utilizes snippets of actual news stories as hooks (the author provides date links to the full articles) and for the basis of satirical commentary. Leung has a “dead pan” style of writing that accurately targets the subjects of the news articles. Stupidity is not excused, neither is ignorance. Leung pointedly focuses on the inane in today’s society and translates the news into highly indigestible, albeit intellectually tasty, bits. Simply put, Mike Leung puts into words what the rest of us are only thinking.

How Not To Fly earns a 4.5 for its’ all-around style, humor, and content; however, a background of the author would most likely be appreciated by new readers, of whom there should be many.How Not To Fly

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