Review 621

First thing I said when the page loaded was damn that is a nice design. Can I take it? Of course I could (nature of the internet) but what would I use it for? I don’t know.

So I set off to read all about Sweatdrop. Like most two column layout blogs, one is for the blog itself and the other is for what ever else the author wants to put there. First thing that was in this other column was a little background on where the name Sweatdrop came from. I was very pleased to learn all about the name.

Read all of the other stuff down that column and then proceeded to the blog. Almost every post is about some Anime is my best guess. Since I don’t follow anime, I really don’t know. But for the most part it is all about the download conquest and which vids are good and friends watching them.

If you are looking for news and what not about anime, you really aren’t going to find too much of it here. The author instead decides to focus on her love of the animation style.


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