Review 572

Enjoy scathing sarcasm, dynamic wit, and literate tongue-in-cheek reviews of weblogs? If so, head over to Blog You! and read Tom and Ed’s various takes on weblogs ranging from superior to downright awful.

Blog You! features an easy to navigate layout with a theme that can only be described as … well, as Sutherland. A phenomenal weblog will earn four Donalds, whereas the ungodly may garner one Kiefer. The Sutherland father and son scheme seems to be a rating system which defies logic, but it works for the creators of Blog You! and is thoughtfully detailed for readers and those who have chosen to submit their weblogs for review. And, if being rated on a creepy actors scale isn’t enough for a blog author, there are Tom and Ed’s frequently caustic reviews. While Tom and Ed certainly do not mince words, they do provide constructive criticism for blog authors; and, their reviews are usually quite objective.

Humor figures prominently at Blog You! But, the humor featured here is to most readers what Dennis Miller is to Hee-Haw groupies. Tom and Ed can be scathing — they are hardly gentle; but, they are funny if one doesn’t mind humor with a bite. Weblog authors who are seeking non-critical assessment of their work should definitely reconsider submitting their sites to Blog You!, as Tom and Ed do not hold back on their opinions. Blog You! does call out to the most stalwart of blog authors to see if there might be three Donalds and a Kiefer in their future. But, be forewarned, those Sutherlands do not come easy.

Those unwilling to submit their sites to the scrutiny of Tom and Ed will take a kind of vicarious pleasure in reading commentary about other weblogs. Only the bravest will submit their own blogs to such sardonic, and downright amusing, criticism.Blog You!

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