Review 550

Aesthetically, this site is rather drab. The light(er)-gray-on-a-dark-gray-background really sucks the excitement out of the words.

His use of the English language is sophisticated, and matches the sophistication of the site’s layout.

His photography section is chock full of interesting photographs, and the webcam is enough to keep the hardcore weblog addict coming back for more.

Personality-wise, he tends to do a lot of navel-gazing between watching movies. The site is worth reading for all the movie reviews alone. He’ll probably turn you on to at least one gem.

The site is packed with features. The time he spent building it must have been considerable.

Overall, the site left me feeling like I had just visited an e-commerce site, except instead of reading about B2B solutions, I read about The Simpsons and a few somber feelings.

fin.Immerse // Keep It Simple Stupid

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