Review 517

“Fendexis: Better Than Girls” is the tagline at the top of the page. Sounds good, I thought.

I regret to say if you find Fendexis better than girls, you are probably doing it wrong.

OK, the design is competent. It’s trendy-ish and I like the graphic at the top. Most of the posts were reasonable and some were actually quite funny.

But really, they submitted their site under ages 15 – 22, and it’s pretty obvious from reading it. Also there’s no archives and the links are nothing special. So, y’know, perhaps have a look if you’re procastinating, but i doubt you’ll be adding it to your favourites list.


NOTE: this review was written recently

after the tragic terrorist attacks in America. The design and other site elements may have altered due to this, and I made every attempt to read archived material.


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