Review 502

There’s a lot to be said for being concise. But there’s a certain talent that goes along with being interesting when using as few words as possible. Let’s get to the chase.

The design is fairly contemporary, meaning it includes E.E. Cummings style lack of capitalization and Verdana, sized tiny, for the font. Hey, look, there’s also a fancy little comment box. I love those things.

Content. You know, if I had a tendency to be enraptured by talk of RedHat Linux and other geeky things, I may very well be in heaven. But as luck would have it, I’m not. The writer seems eloquent enough, but he isn’t using it to his advantage. The entries lack, well, entertainment value.

I will say one thing. By reading this page, my theory that all major metropolitan cultures are basically the same was reinforced. Mentions of Fray Day, pop porn diva Annie Sprinkle, and various famous web design people were evident. I didn’t see a whole lot of original content, although a few of you might argue that name-dropping in lieu of substance is acceptable.

Okay, so it isn’t bad. But it isn’t the most original or interesting thing out there. I’m pretty sure i’d be more entertained by anything And that isn’t saying a

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